GoBubble Schools offer a safer, healthier and kinder digital world for free to schools. 

St Herbert’s RC Primary School in Oldham were asked by parents throughout the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown period if there was anything that could enable the children to safely and simply talk to each other as they were starting to feel lonely and missed their friends.  iNam Concepts quickly responded to this by introducing and setting up GoBubble for the school. In response to the success of the immediate impact this made to the children, ITV News in association with GoBubble CEO, Henry Platten visited the school to share the story.

ITV News article – Watch

4th June 2020

Lightspeed Filter offer a smarter way to filter and manage all devices for schools.

iNam Concepts are proud to share this case study in partnership with Lightspeed Systems. The Lightspeed Filter solution has enabled the pupils and staff at St Herbert’s RC Primary School in Oldham to safely work online whilst using their devices at home throughout the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

The pro-active approach that we have with our clients enables us to facilitate amazing solutions such as this.

Case study video – Watch

28th May 2020