IT Support

We are proud of the unique approach that we have to IT Support. Too many times we see constant fire-fighting scenarios with a cycle of incorrect solutions creating frustrating issues for end users. We aim to ensure that all systems and devices are constantly kept up to date, we will offer advice and show clear examples of solutions that are more cost effective  and relevant to your business or school.

In schools, the general feeling is that IT Technical support  isn’t effective and more of a fire fighting scenario rather than a proactive solution. It’s an awful experience to see the eye rolling and hear comments against support technicians who are only doing the best they can under the circumstances. The real issues lie with the support providers who do not focus on what the school needs, they only care about up-selling products which create more fires that need to be extinguished. The main mission is to provide a more personalised service to support people before the products.

Selection of supported systems & devices:

  • Apple devices; iOS, iPadOS & Mac OS
  • Google Workspace & Chrome Devices
  • MS365, Windows Server & OS
  • Mobile Device Management 
  • AV Solutions (Screens & Projectors)
  • Printers and MFP devices
  • Visitor management systems
  • Paxton door access systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • WiFi Management


There are many options available to support you, ranging from a virtual IT management service through to a fully managed IT support service with regular on site days. 

Selection of support packages to schools and businesses:

  • 3 days per year on site c/w remote support
  • 5 days per year on site c/w remote support
  • 10 days per year on site c/w remote support & asset management 
  • 20 day, 40 day and more options available on request
  • Pay as you go options for remote support only (monthly commitment only)

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Remote Support Access

Quick Assist for Windows – Download

Quick Assist for Mac – Download

IT Support